Milford Communications Drops AMC Based on Customer Feedback

Over the past several weeks we have been talking about Milford Communications ongoing negotiations with AMC. Despite negotiating an agreement with AMC, and AMC coming down slightly from their initial demands of a unprecedented 600% increase, they were still demanding a cost increase in excess of 250% to show their channel. Throughout this process we have received a steady amount of customer feedback, and we found an overwhelming majority both do not watch AMC at all, and would like Premier to drop the channel.

You’ve spoken, and we are listening – which is why, as of FEBRUARY 1, Milford Communications will be dropping AMC from our Cable TV lineup.

For those that watch ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and other AMC shows, you can watch the shows online via:

  1. Amazon Prime –  under “shop by department”, choose “Amazon video”
  2. Google Play
  3. iTunes – (must have an iPhone, iPad or PC/Mac Computer)
  4. Xbox store – use your xbox gaming console
  5. Vudu

For those that enjoy the western movies:

You can easily add the Starz&Encore package to your CATV lineup. Included in that package is Encore Western, a channel that features old and new western movies; many are the same as what AMC would run, with the addition of many more. Call our office at 855-722-3450 for pricing on this package.

For those that enjoy the general movie reruns:

FX and FXX run many of the same movies AMC would run.

For those that voiced your opinions – thank you for your response, we value our customers’ feedback.

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