High Speed Internet Packages

From light web surfing to serious online gaming,we have the internet speed that fits your needs.

Milford Rural Residents, fiber optics are ready at your address!

Don't miss out on the fastest Internet, built for the future.



25 Mbps download

Single User

  • Check email
  • Online shopping
  • Read news articles
  • Social Media (Facebook)
  • Lite web surfing
  • Complimentary HelpDesk Assistance



50 Mbps download

2 Users

  • Video chats (Facetime)
  • WiFi photo frames
  • Stream music (Spotify/Apple Music)
  • Online recipes/How-to videos
  • Complimentary HelpDesk Assistance



100 Mbps download

3-4 Users

  • Stream TV (Hulu/Netflix)
  • Stream music (Spotify/Apple Music)
  • WiFi baby monitor/Ring doorbell
  • Virtual assistants (Alexa/Google Home)
  • WiFi thermostats (Nest)



250 Mbps download

5+ Users

  • Online gaming
  • Work From Home (VPN)
  • Heavy streaming (Disney+/YouTubeTV)
  • Cloud file backups
  • Complimentary HelpDesk Assistance
  • Security Cameras (Arlo/Nest)

Listed pricing does not include taxes, fees or surcharges. 

Cover your home in sweet WiFi

Like glitter, but not as messy.

Good-bye dead spots, spinning wheels and router reboots
Hello to fully-managed and hassle-free 

Delivering a Premier WiFi experience

Milford Communication's GigaSpire router is a home WiFi wireless router system that makes the most out of your Milford Communications Internet service.


Rent a GigaSpire Router - $10.00/month

Elite Performance & Support:

  • Ongoing maintenance and firmware updates/enhancements.
  • Free repair/replacement if something happens to it
  • Whole home coverage
  • WiFi 6
  • NEW FEATURE - Router level Virus & Malware protection for all of your WiFi connected devices.

FREE + Personalized Home WiFi Analysis:

  • We install your GigaSpire router and connect your devices
  • FREE WiFi diagnosis
  • Professional WiFi mapping for maximum coverage and performance
  • Premier personalized WiFi installation
  • Free setup and installation

Online Safety starts with GigiaSpire + PremierHQ

The Internet can be a scary place and it doesn't come with a safety manual.
Keep out the creeps with the cyber-secure GigaSpire router + PremierHQ app.

Included with your GigaSpire router is the FREE PremierHQ WiFi management app.


Manage your WiFI like a boss. It’s easy to use,
no tech savvy-ness required.

Think of PremierHQ like a remote, for your WiFi

  • Screen-free time: pause WiFi access to a specific device or a child with just a tap
  • Secondary Network: a separate network for working, gaming, babysitters or guests
  • Device Prioritization: give certain devices first dibs on bandwidth (work laptop, gaming device). Helpful if you have lots of devices in your home or work from home or an adult gamer.
  • WiFi Guest Safety: receive a notification when a new device connects to your WiFi (kids have friends over etc)
  • Wifi Password: you can change your password or PremierHQ can remind you what your WiFi password is
  • GigaSpire Light: customize the brightness of the LED light on the GigaSpire router
Share Your WiFi





Never ask “What’s the WiFi password?” again.

PremierHQ has the answer.

Remember, change or share your WiFi password with just a tap from your phone.




WiFi – it’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere with GigaMesh

GigaMesh WiFi extenders ensure complete coverage over your home — goodbye dead spots!

  • Seamless handoffs: Wi-Fi experience is continuously optimized, even as devices move throughout the home.​
  • Continually assesses WiFi to optimize device performance and reduce interference.
  • WAN port to support wired and wireless mesh compatibility
  • 2x2 internal antennas with beam-forming technology to extend coverage
  • Compatible with WiFi 6 standard

WiFi Extender - $4.00/month/unit

GigaMesh WiFi Extender

Sometimes you need to turn the Internet off.
With PremierHQ, you can.

Milford Communications WiFi - there when you need it, not when you don’t.

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