Fiber is Coming to Rural Milford

Fiber is on its way to rural Milford!

Milford Communications’ fiber project throughout rural Milford is happening now, bringing access to the most reliable high-speed Internet, Voice and Digital TV services!

The fiber process is under way:

  • Planning: Complete
  • Sign Up: Happening Now!
    • Register for FREE and complete a site survey to get fiber at your home/business. Once construction is complete, you can either sign up for services from Milford Communications or stay with your current provider.
  • Construction: Starting Soon!
    • Our crews utilize the latest technology to place fiber in the ground.
  • Installation: Following Construction
    • We connect your equipment to the new fiber optic network.

Don’t forget to sign up to get fiber optics at your address – Call 855-722-3450 or register online. Then, keep an eye on your mailbox for more updates on our progress.

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